We treasure pictures of our loved ones and friends and that’s why we all have some of the best pictures around us, whether pinned to the fridge door or printed in fabulous large format. We believe we are at our best with one another when we are outside, so we use the great surroundings of Wallingford and the wider area to create atmospheric portraits. Here are some portraits which I think best show my style. Click pictures to enlarge.

Portrait Gallery

There are no end of lovely locations to choose from in Oxfordshire, but we are happy to work at any location that is meaningful to you. We familiarise ourselves with it beforehand, so the session runs nice and smoothly and we can just concentrate on capturing some special shots of you. We provide you with electronic images initially and supply both high quality printing and framing services afterwards.

A Family Portrait

Often wedding pictures are the last family pictures that are professionally taken. This clan thinks that it’s well worth documenting the family as it grows! The family session combined individual and group shots; all in slight rain, but we had a great time nonetheless. Thanks to my fabulous models!

Charlotte and Matt

Charlotte and Matt were getting married soon and chose a place really meaningful to them to have their portrait done.  We enjoy working outside so much, as people are just more relaxed and we think this shows!


This lady does not like to have her picture taken- like most of us really! It was a great pleasure to work with her, using her home to provide backgrounds and colours that would not detract from her natural beauty and let the images speak for themselves.