Frequently Asked Questions

What if the weather is bad?

We don’t need bright sunshine, but it might be that unfortunately it rains and we end up postponing the appointment. We cannot control the weather, so we have to work with it or move to an alternative indoor location! There will be no charge for a postponement.

Do you know our locations?

For any of the photography we will always check out the location before the actual session, whether portraits, pets or wedding and regardless of how often we have been there. Please don’t hesitate to ask for sample pictures taken at the venue of your choice- we might well have worked there before.

How will you deal with my pet to get the best shots?

For any of the jobs we will talk to you/meet with you beforehand to make sure that we deliver what you are looking for. For pets in particular this is important, so we understand more about their personality. We also have access to an animal behaviourist, should such assistance be required.

I have specific ideas I want to contribute.

Your input is very important and welcome and hence we discuss your requirements beforehand. Whilst we always make suggestions, we need to understand what you are looking for. If you spot any pictures you like, whether in a newspaper ad or on the web, save them and show us!

What product can I expect?

Apart from your images in an electronic format and licensed to you (so you can reproduce them yourself without copyright restrictions), we offer high quality digital storybooks for weddings and printing and framing services for any images. All of the services are locally sourced, so the personal service is maintained.

What is your style of working?

Tonja would like you to remember the photography session as being fun and of course delivering the product you were looking for. She creates a relaxed environment and ensures that you see images during the session, so you can be confident about the work and the product.

Will we come to your studio?

We specialise in environmental portraiture, so we utilise the many and varied beautiful locations that surround us and do not maintain a studio. Instead we will meet at a location we have chosen to best meet your requirements.

If you have any questions or requests – simple or unusual – please get in touch.
We are happy to discuss your requirements.

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