Where pets are concerned preparation is everything! We take time to get to know your pet and its personality and peculiarities. We meet beforehand to make sure that we know the unique traits of the animal and this includes ideal time of day and preferred location to bring out the best in your pet. We provide you with electronic images initially and supply both high quality printing and framing services afterwards.

Tonja loves all animals and especially her own dog, who is an integral part of her family life! The bond between pets and owners is a special one and the wonderful area around Wallingford provides the ideal backdrop to capture dogs or horses. For cats or guinea pigs we select a comfortable spot in their own homes. Sometimes owners are allowed in the pictures too!

Here are a few of my favourite animal clients.

Pets Gallery

Being asked to photograph pets is a big honour and typically is fun – filled due to their spontaneity! Tonja hopes the love of animals shows in her work.

Charlie the Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a working and water dog and Charlie lives up to his name. The fun-filled session took place with me half way in the pond.